Provide food for elementary school children who qualify for the free meal plan and go without food on the weekends. Offer an opportunity to the members of Mt. Bethel UMC to show Christ's love by involving the community & reaching out to their neighbors.


Food Insecurity Statistics
National 16.6%
Georgia 17.8%
Cobb County 14.7%
"Food Insecurity" is the state of, or risk of, being unable to provide food (to oneself, a family, a nation, etc.)



• Better Test Scores
• Improved Reading Skills
• Positive Behavior
• Improved Health
• Increased Attendance
• Experience Christian Outreach-A Connection

Each school year since 2011-12, results reported standard test score improvements in math, reading, and language arts. The school also reported improvement in attendance, behavior and participation.


• Participation in responding to a need in the shadows of where we live, work, worship and play

• Individuals, families, small groups, classes at Mt. Bethel

• Reach out to the community to get involved

[the plan]

We started in October of 2011 with 120 children in grade 4. We expanded to 200 during the winter/spring of 2012.

In August of 2015, we started the new school year serving over 500 children each week and pray that we can continue to expand as funding becomes available. The stretch goal is to serve every child at Fair Oaks who qualifies, which is over 800 children.

Our partner school
Fair Oaks Elementary

98% of Children Qualify
Excellent Leadership; Parent Involvement
" The children are excited and happy to be here. They step off the bus with clean clothes and smiles, ready to learn". Principle Cindy Szwec
The school will provide vital stats to demonstrate and quantify the impact

Impact – "Unbelievable"

Fair Oaks Elementary accomplishments since 2011:

• 90/90/90 Award each year
• 90% minority, 90% at poverty level, 90% of students pass the CRCT

2012-2013 National Blue Ribbon School
• Awarded annually by the US Department of Education to "Exemplary High Preforming" schools and "Exemplary Improving" schools in the United States
• 286 schools in the US received the award and Fair Oaks was one of 26 schools in the US to receive the award as an "Exemplary Improving" school

2011-12, 2012-13 & 2013-14 recognized as a High Progress Reward school in Georgia, which recognizes the top 10% of Title 1 schools in the state
--every year, test scores have improved in math, reading and language arts


Backpack Blessings In Action